What Is Hygge Really All About?

May 11, 2018

By Hygge Sanctuary

Hygge (hooga) is more than just a trend. So many people that have adopted the hygge lifestyle understand true comfort. They practice self-care and are sharing it with their friends and family.

What is Hygge to me?
When we started living the hygge lifestyle, it meant slowing down, reading more and spending time with those we love. As we continue to take steps to add more hygge to our lives, we are seeking comfort, practicality, moderation, and sustainability.

Seeking these feelings and things is more than decor, warm socks, and coffee. I believe the political scene and racial scene along with personal circumstances our family has faced caused me to seek this coziness and togetherness even more.

Hygge Consumerism
As hygge living becomes more popular, so does consumerism directed toward the hygge lifestyle. Hygge is about what brings you pleasure, joy, and comfort. Hygge isn't about specific brands or specific items. There's no such thing as a right hygge music or the perfect hygge color palette. The colors and music are subjective and what brings comfort to one person may not do the same for another. Hygge is not about income and how much you spend. Hygge is having a home, office or classroom that brings you comfort and adopting an attitude that brings you joy.

Hygge is something I continue to work toward accomplishing or achieving. I don't know that I'll ever hygge perfectly, but I enjoy moving forward with more time, comfort, joy, peace, and happiness. I love embracing the little things in life that are the most important.

Hygge Self Care
Hygge is caring about yourself even when it isn't what you prefer to do. It is sharing joy, pain, happiness, and tears with those around you instead of isolating ourselves during difficult times. It's your village, your community, your circle of family and friends, your tribe - that has your back, that provides encouragement and support to you and loves you unconditionally. This is what we long for as comfort and sustainability within our hygge lifestyle.

Embrace Hygge Living
Hygge is a lifestyle which promotes the important things in life such as time with family and friends. Hygge is a way to keep things simple, affordable and still enjoy each other’s company, make memories and be comfortable.