Hygge Summer Tips

June 2, 2018

By Hygge Sanctuary Team

Embrace A Hygge Summer

Adding hygge to summer can be done! Once you experience a hygge summer, you’ll continue to find ways to embrace hygge even on hot and humid days. It seems easy and natural to create hygge in winter. Blankets and hot beverages keep it easy to add hygge in winter. Embracing a hygge summer is a bit more challenging but not impossible.

Hygge Summer Tips

Create Simple Rituals
Life is that what you make of it. We must put forth efforts that make life fresh and comfortable. Perhaps starting a small practice and ritual that makes the summers more pleasing than ever can work. Going on a walk in the evening, a swim, watching the sunset or an early sunrise can all be ways to add hygge to summer.

Hygge Summer Food
Hygge without food cannot be imagined. Mealtime is a natural time to practice hygge or perhaps mealtime in itself is hygge. Excellent food with good company is physically and mentally satisfying. Part of embracing a hygge summer is adding interesting cold beverages. Hygge summer beverages should include fruit infused water, lemonade, iced coffee and splurges of milkshakes. Some hygge summer treats can include homemade ice cream, frozen treats, smoothies and fresh fruits and crisp vegetables. It keeps out the harshness of heat and humidity while opening the heart, mind, and soul.

Do Not Forget to Read
Reading doesn't just help you spend time wisely. It is enriching too. Hygge summers are a perfect opportunity to spend some time reading. Escape the hot afternoon in the scorching heat, to a cool spot and enjoy sitting back, relaxing and reading a great book. You could be enjoying air conditioning indoors or laying under a shade tree, in a hammock or even on a beach under the stars some evening.

Hygge Camping
What can be more satisfying than camping on a summer evening? Camping combines so many elements of hygge. An evening campfire with family and friends with s’mores can give us all that wonderful hygge feeling even during summer.

So, with these hygge summer tips, add some hygge to your hot and humid summer days and make this summer one to remember!