Hygge Living - The New Way to Feel Pleasure

May 9, 2018

By Hygge Sanctuary Team

Hygge- a Danish word that might seem difficult to spell but cozy to feel for you. So, where did it originate? "Hooga" seems to be a distant relative of the word "hug"; it is speculated that the word hygge is derived from the word hug.

"Hygge" is a feeling of coziness and a mood of well being. It is an epitome of Danish culture prominently marked by this phenomenon. Hygge encourages happiness and embraces the simple and little things you cherish. The hygge lifestyle finds pleasure in simple things. Hygge is contentment, coziness, love, and affection all bunched together.

The Norwegians and Danes distinguished it as the "art of intimacy." It is a "coziness of the soul." According to Meik Willing, "what freedom is to Americans...Hygge is to Danes".

Getting The Hygge Happiness You Need
Hygge can be incorporated into our lives too. Welcome to the world of "Hygge." All you need to do is to follow these simple small steps to add hygge to your home and lifestyle:

- Invest In A Soft And Warm Hygge Ambiance
For any kind of mood swings, light has an important role to play. Its the key to creating a hygge atmosphere; light up few candles or hang up some twinkling string lights. After a long very long and tiring day, it can add sparkle to your mood

- Be Together Hygge Style
The sweet spot of Danes is three to four people together. Mostly, people, you are fond of, and you enjoy spending time around. It can be like drinking your favorite hot chocolate cuddled into a sofa with your family and friends while wearing cozy socks. Spend quality time inviting friends over on the weekends. Indulge in some fun-loving board games, card games or jigsaw puzzles.

- Hygge Fashion ... Dress Comfortably
Layering and being comfortable seems to be popular in the Danish culture. Hygge is wearing clothing that makes you feel confident, happy and comfortable. It can be like wearing an oversized dress and layering under it or over it because it feels cozy.

- Hygge At Home ... Discover Hyggerkrog
It is the cozy nook somewhere in your home where you want to snuggle up with your hygge blanket and a good book.

- Hygge Drinks
Hot cocoa in winter can be a perfect blend of happiness and pleasure providing that hygge feeling and environment. Coffee fanatics can go for a latte. Hygge summer could include homemade lemonade or sweetened iced tea.

- Hygge Cooking 
Hygge living typically means indulging in some quality food. Give your taste buds a feel of Hygge cooking. Hygge living will mean slowing down and enjoying the simplicity of delicious foods together with those you love. Everyone may cook together instead of you stressing to have everything complete before a guest arrives.

- Hygge time ... Read Your Favorite Book
Curl up with your favorite hygge blanket and read an actual book. Take at least half an hour a day to de-stress your mind and savor in Hygge.

- Hygge Simplicity ... Embrace Nature
The most effective and refreshing Hygge is to take pleasure in nature. Being close to nature can encourage a hygge lifestyle. You can go camping, hiking, or simply walking barefoot can help you experience hygge and embrace the joy and simplicity of nature.