"Hygge Sanctuary" - our cozy haven, our cozy life, a place of refuge where love, encouragement and support resides

Hygge Classroom - Hygge Education - Hygge Homeschooling

Hygge Classroom and Hyge Education

Some kids can learn better when they are comfortable or with hygge music playing or even while moving. 

A hygge classroom is going to accommodate the child, providing each child with the comfort they need to excel.

There are different styles of learning and a hygge education embraces those styles. Hygge education embraces the unique learning styles and doesn't try to make anyone fit in a box.


Hygge homeschooling uses the hygge classroom and hygge education styles. For us, hygge homeschooling also utilizes interest based learning, a hands on learning approach and discovering and implementing what works best to help each child thrive.

We have a lot of cozy and cuddly reading time in our hygge homschool. There's also plenty of time for exploration, play, experiments, messes, learning and fun. It's all a perfect blend and balance in our hygge homeschooling lifestyle.

Hygge and Christianity

Hygge is everywhere, and yes, I can be a Christian and still embrace hygge living.

Hygge promotes a feeling that we are safe and that's why I consider our home, our hygge sanctuary. It's where we encourage each other and build each other up. It's a place of refuge where we are shielded from the outside world where we can relax. For us, it's a place free of multiple food allergies where we don't have to live on high alert, and our guard can come down.

Hygge living is supportive of a Christian lifestyle because it encourages us to focus on spending time together, with friends and family, fellowship, gathering, strengthened relationships - community.

A hygge lifestyle encourages us to be practical, sensible, and content. It is about being present in every moment. It's about appreciating what you do have and embracing moderation. Hygge living is finding pleasure in simplicity and all of the little things surrounding you. Hygge is having a grateful attitude.

God wants us to be joyful even though we endure hard times. The word JOY is found in the New Revised Standard version of the Bible 172 times. The concept of discovering joy and experiencing it even through the difficulties of life is hygge living. It's about finding peace, joy, love, support, and encouragement with your family, friends, and community when things are great and also when they are not.

Practicing caring for ourselves is not selfish. We cannot give to others if we don't take care of ourselves first. The Bible is filled with examples of Christ and others taking time for themselves through walks, prayer times and even sleeping.


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Hygge Hospitality

It's Hygge Hospitality

What is Hygge Hospitality?

Hygge encompasses a feeling of cozy contentment and well-being through enjoying the simple things in life.

Hygge only requires a conscious appreciation, a certain slowness, and the ability not just to be present – but recognize and enjoy the present. If you've ever shared a home cooked meal with friends, you've experienced Hygge Hospitality without even knowing it.

Discovering this 'concept' was truly a wonderful experience. I had been 'Hygge-ing' for a long time before finding out more about it gave new meaning to my idea of the importance of a cozy well-being.

Hygge Hospitality Tips

1. Play calm, breezy music. It’s amazing how much mental stress we experience from noise, and how much introducing soothing sound —or silence really —can calm us and give us mental space to focus on the important things

2. Keep a soft throw or two available for snuggling, or on the floor for reading and game-playing. Layer rugs over hardwood or tile floors, and layer linens on the bed.

3. Create areas in your home where the seating arrangement itself invites interaction. Gather a couple of comfortable chairs around a table where coffee cups and board games are easily accessible, and throw down a fluffy rug to invite bare toes. Face sofas together rather than all facing a television, so an interactive conversation is welcomed and comes naturally.

Don’t feel like you have to have yourself perfectly in order if you’re making food, welcome others to join you in preparation, or create a gathering that includes hands-on baking or drink-making. Hygge is about an atmosphere and an experience, rather than about things. It is about being with the people we love.It is a feeling of content, of deep-lying satisfaction, of home, it is Hygge Sanctuary! 

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Hygge Cooking

A big part of hygge is enjoying food. Cozying in comfortable pajamas, warm socks, a cup of hot tea, hot chocolate, sweetened ice team or fresh squeezed lemonade depending on the season. Enjoying a book beside a fireplace, campfire or on a porch swing, whether on hot days or cold days when you are enjoying time indoors. Since the Danes shared their art of Hygge with the rest of the world, it is welcomed on cold days as well as hot summer days.

The act of cooking which helps to unwind and is also seen as a form of therapy prescribed by experts, is cheaper, helps to strengthen bonds between families and ultimately provides us with healthier meals. Often, eating out is more expensive and provides us with a mediocre diet, excessive calories and difficulty managing a healthy weight.

Cooking is another way to step up comfort, coziness and treasured moments with family. Since Hygge is predominately the cozy and intimate feeling from the moment and not the moment itself. Making healthy food from scratch in the friendly confines of your kitchen is ‘hyggeligt’ (hygge-like). Sharing home-cooked meals; a hot soup, a loaf of bread, in a warm atmosphere with friends is hygge, and nothing measures up to home-cooked food matched with great conversation.

As Hygge can be achieved in the comfort of your home, you wouldn’t need to take the family on a trip to Denmark. During fall and winter, pull out the blankets, warm socks, sweaters and create Hygge with friends and family over a candlelight dinner made up of home-cooked meals. In spring and summer, enjoy picnics, cooking outside, campfires, home-cooked meals, growing and preserving foods with family, friends and loved ones at your side.

If you are looking to spice things up, a ride to that bookstore and you are equipped with Scandinavian recipes to relive a traditional Scandinavian hygge in your living space.


How Hygge Are You

About Hygge: Hygge is a word that has sparked a cultural idea in Denmark and Norway and journeyed the Atlantic to become a signature word used to translate the abstraction of coziness and closeness, giving birth to a trend identified with candlelight dinners, hot tea, and relaxing beside the fireplace with a book in warm socks and snug sweaters in the winter and iced tea, fresh squeezed lemonade, cooking and preserving foods and fun gatherings with family and friends during the summer. 

Hygge Pronunciation: Hooga

How to hygge? Learn to say no sometimes. Our lives get to busy, and when we embrace hygge, we aren't just looking for more things to do, and we aren't looking just to be running all the time with busyness.

While those are great ideas on how to hygge, there's really no way to actually "hygge". This word which is usually stylized by a glowing candle with a hot cup of tea behind a fireplace in your snug sweater in countless Instagram posts has since changed the original Dane idea of the undefinable word as being the sentient acknowledgment of a special feeling and living in the present.

With Hygge being a feeling, there is no actual way to Hygge, the Danes would simply explain it in as extracting a feeling of pleasure created from simple rituals without effort such as making a tea or a cozy evening indoors with friends enjoying each other’s company. Hygge is relative to the consciousness of an enjoyable moment. Hygge is welcoming and reveling in those moments and in the simple things of life that aren’t necessarily bought with money.

Hygge Defined: Cozy, Charming, Extraordinary, Feelings, Moments and Living In The Present, Enjoying The Simple Things In Life, Embracing The Important Things In Life

The word which first appeared in Danish writing in the 19th century is often translated as ‘cozy’ but its actual meaning falls between the lines of; "a form of everyday togetherness" in Danish and Norwegian. It gained notoriety from a period after which several books on Hygge had been retailed in the UK and US.

The word, a noun with its tongue-twisting pronunciation (pronounced hue-guh) has been granted a place in the English dictionary even without an English translation. The popular word permanently found its way into the British vocabulary in the Oxford English Dictionary update of June 2017.

Hygge Lifestyle: This way of life which drives one to find and enjoy “the simple things of life” is astonishingly very easy to follow without causing harm to your finances. This lifestyle is centralized on meals prepared at home and close gathering of friends as opposed to dining out or shopping. A hygge lifestyle which promotes snugness, amity, relaxation, and effortlessness, costs very little or nothing. Following this trend is a foolproof way of maintaining a salubrious happy life on a small budget. A little wonder why economists rate Denmark as the world happiest country in the midst of their chilly climate and excessive rainfall which spans nearly half of the year. Hygge.

Hygge Lifestyle

Hygge Living is what brings you peace and comfort. We can share hygge ideas, hygge decor, hygge hygge fashion, hygge habits, and hygge inspiration. However, it will look a little bit different for everyone.

Hygge is an appreciation of living life to the fullest. It is slowing down and spending time with those you love. It is entertaining in a gathering where your guests may even help you cook and prepare a meal together in the kitchen.

We believe hygge living creates a hygge sanctuary in our home. Our hygge home is where peace and happiness are welcome. It is where each of us receives support, unconditional love, acceptance, and encouragement. Our hygge sanctuary has items and things that bring us comfort.

We practice year-round hygge. It is a lifestyle for us, so during our cold season, we have hygge blankets and candles. During summer, we have string lighting and homemade lemonade.

Everyday things become appreciated as we embrace hygge living. We enjoy fresh flowers, hygge cooking with fresh ingredients purchased locally, and gathering often with friends and family with simplicity. To us, hygge is embracing the moments and making amazing memories out of everyday life.